Cleveland’s Best Lunch Spots

Cleveland, Ohio. A small town sitting just on the edge of Lake Erie.

Outside of the area, people might not know much about this big little city, but for those who visit or live there, it’s easy to understand why Forbes named it one of the country’s fastest emerging downtown areas. Businesses are rushing to the area, bringing in a new demographic ready and willing to encourage and support a new stream of businesses.

Just one of the areas impacted by the economic growth is the restaurant scene. It seems like a new place is popping up on every corner, making it a little more difficult to decide which place is getting your business for your next lunch outing. No worries, though. We’ve done a little research, combined the old with the new, and picked out some favorites you shouldn’t pass by.

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9 Simple Ways to Save Energy


With the days of writing checks long gone, it’s easy to let months pass without really checking your regular bills. When it comes to our energy costs, we tend to deem it a necessary expense, without really considering if it’s possible to decrease it. The truth is that by making a few changes in our day-to-day habits we actually can decrease our energy costs substantially.

Here are a few simple ways to get started:

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7 Ways to Stay Cool in a Not-So-Cool Office


As heat waves continue to sweep across the country, it seems like people are doing whatever it takes to stay cool. Temperatures are reaching record highs across the country, and it doesn’t seem like a break is coming anytime soon!

While we’d all love to get on the nearest plane to the beach, that’s just not reality. We’ve still got to wake up, get dressed, get in and out of steamy cars, drive to work, and somehow, make it through the day with a smile on our faces.

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3 Energy-Saving Must Haves



When it comes to saving energy, we all think it’s a good idea.

Sure, let’s save energy–that’s better for the world, right? But what does that actually mean?

Little do we know that everyday people can make a great impact with a few simple decisions, specifically when it it comes to choosing products for your home or office. Nowadays, there are hundreds of new products available that really do save energy and offer consumers many benefits (lower energy bills and really savvy technology).

If you’re not up-to-date on what’s been happening with these smart, energy-saving devices, no worries. We decided to weed through the hundreds of items to decide which are the most convenient, affordable and energy-efficient for everyday people like ourselves.

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7 Ways to Take Advantage of Rainy Days


Rain, rain, go away.

Not likely, says the trusty weather persons who keep delivering the unwelcomed news that rain will continue to pop-up across the region. The rain has seemed to make itself at home the last few days and whether we like it or not, we’d better find some ways to make the best of it!

Here are a few suggestions on how we can keep a smile on our face and stay productive during these rainy days!

  1. Rest

Let’s be honest, there is no better music to our sleeping ears than the hypnotic sounds of rain. If you’ve been waiting on an excuse to catch a few extra z’s, here’s your perfect opportunity. In general, Americans are extremely sleep deprived and in desperate need some real rest. If you fall into this category, cancel your evening plans and get to bed at a decent hour. Getting a full night’s sleep will dramatically affect your productivity the next day and overall health. Do this for a few days, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!

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What To Know About Your Gas Bill


If you’re one of those people who goes through the mail and just tosses bills in a pile (uh, like us), you’re not alone. After initially setting up your gas service, it’s likely that you, like most of us, pay little or no attention to what actually comes each month from the utility company. Well, that is, except for the part that says how much you owe – that’s the part that gets our attention!  Right? So with that in mind, let us ask you a few questions:

Do you ever—have you ever—actually read your entire gas bill?

Do you know how your utility measures your gas usage?

Do you know how much your gas costs?

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